DIY Nautical Art – Anchor

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I feel like I say every project is my favorite – but this one REALLY is my new favorite. Unlike the Shim Tack Sunburst Mirror,  my anchor cooperated with me every step of the way. And it was inexpensive. And it’s downright awesome. I’m pretty humble about this one – can you tell? :)

Every time I go to Target I drool over the nautical collection they have right now. In fact, I’m hoping some of it goes on clearance soon! In the meantime, I wanted to make my own nautical art. I had the crazy idea to make an anchor image out of twine!

I picked up a pre-cut 24″x24″ piece of wood and several 1″ x 24″pre-cut pieces to use as the frame, along with twine & navy blue spray paint.

Make Your Own Nautical Art

The first step was spray painting the wood navy and letting it dry. I also spray painted the frame pieces aged copper (although they didn’t stay copper for long).

DIY Nautical Art SuppliesI found a small anchor image online to use as my guide, and printed it as large as my printer would allow. This is where I got really lucky. I realized that exactly doubling all the measurements on my guide anchor would be the perfect fit! Don’t try to be lucky like me. Figure out how big you want your finished product, then scale your guide appropriately.

DIY Nautical Art SuppliesI was to lazy to find a yard stick, so I used my Silhouette mat as a straight edge :) The pencil didn’t show up at all on the dark blue background, but chalk was an easy solution. The chalk outline doesn’t have to be perfect because it will all be covered up with rope.

Using chalk as a templateI was pretty shocked that I was able to sketch it out so easily using my guide image. Once I had the outline done, the real fun began! I used hot glue to attach one piece of rope at a time. You’ll need some good, but inexpensive scissors to cut through the twine.

Each ring in the circle is a separate piece of rope. Make sure you stagger the end points of the rope to make the seams less noticeable.

Hardware Store Nautical Art ProjectIt gets kind of messy with all the rope debris!

Easy anchor art from twineAs you can see in the picture below, there were some small gaps along the bottom. They were easily hidden by squirting in some hot glue and then carefully filling in the gap with an unraveled piece of twine. My twine was normally three strands thick, but I could unravel it to get a double or single piece.

Make Art from TwineOnce I filled in all the gaps, it looked like this. Fun, right?

Make your own nautical artFor the frame, I opted to paint it white with some DecoArt Chalky Finish paint I already had on hand.  I hot glued the horizontal pieces directly to the backer board. When those were set, I glued the vertical pieces right on top of the horizontal ones. This method meant there were NO cuts required for this whole project. Everything was straight off the shelf! The overlapping look wouldn’t work for every project, but I like it for this one!

Easy Nautical Artwork - No Tools Required! I loved the piece so much, I incorporated it into the office. I hung it up with Command Picture Hanging Strips. It’s a little high on the wall, but the chair is temporary (borrowed from the craft room). I expect the “real” office chair to have a higher back.

Anchor Art Made from Twine

The whole project took a couple hours and cost somewhere between $10-$15. One package of twine was plenty – I still have some left! I love that it was inexpensive, because sadly I know the nautical trend won’t last forever. I normally prefer things that are more “inspired by” a trend instead of something so obvious, but when I had the idea for the rope anchor, I just couldn’t pass up trying it out!

Make you own nautical art out of twine - no tools required tutorial!

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Don’t want to DIY it? I found some amazing AFFORDABLE anchor items you can buy!

Collection of affordable home decor & clothing with anchor images.

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    • [email protected] says

      Thanks Katie! It’s so exciting when I can find things around the house to pull a look together…now I just need a replacement pillow in the living room to make up for this one! :)

    • [email protected] says

      Thanks Corrinna! Despite being landlocked in Oklahoma, sometimes I pretend we live in a beach house :)

    • [email protected] says

      Thank you Dee!

  1. says

    Wowza! This project came out phenomenally! Who knew that a bit of twine and some scrap wood could turn out so beautifully?! Thanks for stopping by the Creative Spark party!

  2. says

    I love your projects Melissa! This project looks easy enough for someone like me! I will be featuring this post at the next Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop! So glad you shared this with our readers!

  3. JaneEllen says

    Your anchor is so wonderful, you did a spectacular job on it. Makes me want to make one myself.
    It doesn’t really matter if it’s trendy if you like it enuf to make it and have it in your home. You did such a great job of drawing it out then putting the rope on it. Don’t you love projects that are quick and easy, inexpensive? I know I sure do. When they come out as well as yours you have right to be proud of your work. I’ve noticed that simple things look the best and are more interesting.
    Guess trendy thing I’ve done is decorate with shells, beachy. Painted our living room with light gray paint after finding some awesome little darker shade gray curtains and that started it all. L/r ended up being beachy/cottage/shabby chic. I used vintage table cloths to cover a club chair and couch, both I got at Habitat. I made all new art with things I had already. Only things I really spent money on were paint and curtains. The curtains have a white design all over them. I waited almost 8 yrs. to paint the room so am very happy with outcome. Never thought I’d paint anything gray but after brown, jewel colors I love the serenity of the gray. Used couple shades of aqua, darker and lighter gray, white on some frames. and just a tad of coral. Painted lamp and shades, made new pillow covers with more of vintage table cloths. Guess I could say I’m quite happy with the changes. Happy week

  4. Eva says

    Hi. I absolutely love love love this project. This is exactly that I need. Could you please tell me where did you get the twine? Or maybe you still have a picture of it that you could send me?
    Love your ideas. I will follow your blog from now on.


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