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How to Make a Custom Message Board {Easy & Inexpensive DIY}

Our office makeover is very close to complete and I’m ready to start showing you pieces of it! One of my favorite new things was the least expensive AND fastest project in the room.  Did you know you can turn any frame into a custom message board in about 10 minutes of hands-on time? Just think of the possibilities […]

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Organize every inch of your bathroom from your toiletries to kids bath toys with these twelve simple ideas. My favorites are the three using the space on the back of the cabinet doors!

12 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom {Organizing With Style}

If you've been around the last couple weeks, you've seen the first two posts in the Organizing with Style series - how to organize your laundry room, and ideas for organizing with baskets & bins. This week is all about bathroom organization!The first idea is a great example of how easy organizing with style … [Read More...]

Laundry room organization ideas for spaces large and small.

Organizing Ideas for Every Laundry Room {Organizing With Style}

Welcome to week 2 of #organizingwithstyle!  This week is all about LAUNDRY SPACES - big, small, we’ve got them all!All last week, Instagram users shared photos of their laundry rooms using #organizingwithstyle. Angela from Blue i Style and I had the fun, but tough, job of picking the best of the best to share as … [Read More...]


The Simple Way to Add Style to your Bookcase {On a Budget}

This project has only been on my list for two years. From the day we put together our IKEA BORGJSO bookshelves, we've know that we wanted to do something different for the backing. Wallpaper, wrapping paper, paint and fabric were all on the table as options. Since we're in the middle of a big office update (see the … [Read More...]


12 Ideas for Organizing with Baskets {Organizing With Style}

Mondays are going to be a lot more organized around here for the next couple months! Each week, we'll have a different theme, but every one of them will involve organizing with style. Fun, right???Last week, I launched a  fun Instagram hashtag challenge with Angela from Blue i Style. We picked the theme of BASKETS & … [Read More...]


INSTANT SAVINGS: Secrets of Low Budget, High Style Lesson #2

I am loving this Low Budget, High Design series so much! I'd like to tell you it's only because I'm helping you guys make your homes more beautiful, but I needed this for myself too.  Lesson #1 was all about REVAMPING items to make them more your style. This week is all how to save money when buying new home decor.I've … [Read More...]


5 Tips For Using Organization As Decor {Guest Post on TinySidekick)

When Corey from TinySidekick asked me to stop by her blog and share a few of my projects with her readers, I had to really think about what would give her readers a great sample of who I am. I also wanted to do more than just link to a few of my own posts and run. Time is so limited for everyone, I wanted them to get some … [Read More...]

Week #1 in the Low Budget, High Style series is all about revamping items to make them work in your current style. Everything from lighting and accessories to furniture can be updated in unique ways to achieve the look you want without sacrificing your retirement account!

REVAMP: Secrets of Low Budget, High Style – Lesson #1

In my dream world, I've got an unlimited budget to decorate and then continually redecorate our home as our tastes and style evolve. Ahh, wouldn't that be amazing?Since that's clearly a dream, I'm getting better and better and achieving the look I want without breaking the bank. I don't know about you, but it seems like … [Read More...]


Modern Office for Two – 3D Design Plans!

I have this habit of becoming completely obsessed with things until I conquer them. Yep, I'm looking at you Mario Brothers!I found a new obsession this week and am having serious trouble focusing on ANYTHING else. I've wanted to learn a 3D modeling software as my business is expanding to offering e-design and local … [Read More...]


Bleak to Chic Lamp Makeover {Decorating on the Cheap}

I've been having beige-induced blues lately. How did I end up with so much stuff in boring neutrals? Our walls and carpets are screaming for a fresh look. Since those projects aren't going to happen for a while, I found a much more affordable project to add some new life to the living room.For $10, I was able to give an … [Read More...]


Spray Paint with Less Mess

I think it's pretty well established that my favorite go-to DIY item is a bottle of spray paint. The downside of my obsession is that my garage floor and hands frequently end up coated in paint. At least they did before. I finally figured out the trifecta of mess-free spray painting!First, I found out about spray paint … [Read More...]


Guest Room Sign Tutorial – FINALLY!

Anyone remember that time I shared my guest room update MONTHS AND MONTHS ago and promised to share the tutorial for the retro looking sign we made out of new fence pickets?I hadn't taken pictures when we made the first version because we were rushing and weren't sure how it would turn out. Thankfully, our design … [Read More...]


Organizing Myths Busted – Email Subscriber Exclusive Offer!

I'm a master rationalizer. What I don't like to admit is that rationalization is only one step away from making excuses. And excuses can prevent us from living the life we want. I'm not going to get all crazy philosophical, but I did do some reflection on organizing our homes and the excuses that keep us living in varying … [Read More...]

Tulsa Parade of Home 2015-123

Final Day of Inspiration from the Parade of Homes!

I've got to admit, I'm sad this is the final day of my Parade of Home series! But I might have saved the best for last. I've got two homes today - a downtown quad level and then the grand finale. The last house is the one we agreed was the best blend of style and comfortable livability. It was really cool, but didn't feel … [Read More...]


More Design Inspiration from the Tulsa Parade of Homes – Day 2

If you missed Day 1 of my Parade of Homes recap, make sure you check it out. The house was over the top and still liveable - quite an accomplishment!  I visited the house I'm about to show you right after the house from Monday, so I was prepared to be totally let down. How could anything compete with that bold … [Read More...]

What a kitchen - the marble sink and mirrored back splash are amazing.

Design Inspiration from the Tulsa Parade of Homes – Day 1

Last week, I was in a total creative slump. I tried brainstorming, I tried NOT thinking about the blog, and then it started raining again which really didn't help. BUT, Friday the sun was back full force. Perfect weather for touring houses in the Tulsa Parade of Homes. I might be biased, but I think we have one of the best … [Read More...]